Monday Tech Blues: Connection to Hubdoc

No one wants to deal with technical issues on a Monday morning, but unfortunately, we often do. Today was one of those Mondays, and the issue is that for many the connection between and Hubdoc has been broken (or at least wounded a bit). I have not been able to confirm the exact cause of the issue, but I suspect it has something to do with the maintenance release from this past weekend (12/2/2016).  I have reached out to both companies, the cause of the issue is being investigated.

Are Your Bills Being Published to

If you use Hubdoc to fetch documents and auto publish as bills to I would suggest that you log into Hubdoc and check the status of bills fetched since the 12/2 update.  If they appear in the documents list with a “Failed” status, they have not been published to Before you try to manually publish them to use the simple steps below to reestablish the connection between the two applications.

Simple Steps to Resolve the Issue

Step 1 – In Hubdoc click on Accounts in the upper right corner then click on the Destinations tab. Look for the connection, if it shows connected to click on the Disconnect button. Log out of your Hubdoc account by clicking on the company name in the upper right-hand corner then select logout.

Step 2 – In click on the Gear icon > App Center. If Hubdoc does not appear to be connected, you can click on the Hubdoc tile to set up the connection. If it does appear to be connected, you will need to disconnect in then reconnect. To cancel the connection in click on the Hubdoc tile then click on the Setup Link. You will see the option to disconnect. Once this is complete, you can reconnect to Hubdoc using the connect button in


Step 3 – Once the connection between the two is re-established, you will need to manually publish any bills that failed to publish to

If you are unable to establish a connection or publish the bills to I suggest that you contact the respective support team for assistance.