Courtesy and Respect – A Vital Part of Any Client Engagement

I had an opportunity this month to present a session, Strategies for Developing a Winning Bookkeeping Engagement, at Accountex 2016. During this presentation, I talked about what I feel is one of the most important aspects of any engagement: courtesy and respect. As professionals, we take this very seriously; our reputation depends on it. Why… Read more »

Getting Vendors Set Up to Receive ePayments in

There is no denying it, with paying bills has never been easier. But first, why is setting our vendors up for ePayments so important, besides the fact that it’s the environmentally friendly thing to do? Well, the first reason that comes to mind is the cost savings. At only forty-nine cents each, ePayments are a… Read more »

How to Present an Effective Demo

Oftentimes, the product demo is the final step to closing the deal. You have already invested time talking with your clients about the features and benefits of and now they want to see it in action. However, before you offer (or get sucked into) a demonstration of you will want to make sure that… Read more »