5 Things to Consider when Choosing Apps for your Clients

There are literally thousands of accounting apps that exist today. There are two kinds of applications: web-based apps and mobile apps. Web apps are more powerful, offer more features, and are accessed using an internet browser. Mobile apps offer lighter features than a web app and are accessed using a portal not associated with an… Read more »

6 Vital Qualities you Must Have to be a Self-Employed Accounting Professional

Deciding to create your own path as an accounting professional by working for yourself can be greatly rewarding. Having the freedom to dictate your schedule and workload are many people’s dream jobs. However, starting your own practice or working as a freelancer can be an intimidating lifestyle change for a lot of people. There are… Read more »

Five Easy Steps to Get your Firm Started with Social Media

Are you looking for a better way to expand your accounting firm’s reach, build a loyal client base, and establish yourself as a thought leader? Then it’s time for you to start embracing social media. Social media might seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve never done it before, but it’s not so bad! In fact, it… Read more »